Mittwoch, 18. Juni 2014

Türkei: 353 Wehrpflichtige misshandelt und 36 ungeklärte Todesfälle

More than 650 soldiers were subjected to ill treatment such as verbal insult, beating, excessive physical activity or disproportionate punishment during their compulsory military service last year in Turkey, according to a report from a civil society organization that tracks ill treatment of conscripts.

The Soldiers' Rights Platform, which was set up by victims of human rights violations during military service and their families, announced its 2014 report on Monday. The report included 653 complaints of abuse in the military over the past year; there were 432 complaints a year ago. The number of complaints submitted to the platform increased by 51 percent compared to 2012, the report said.

The Soldiers' Rights Platform has an online form on its website,, which can be filled in by victims of abuse in the military.

Families of 36 conscripts who died during their military service submitted complaints that the deaths of their relatives were suspicious. Thirty-two of the victims committed suicide, three of them died during training and one died as a result of being beaten.

The majority of the complaints submitted to the platform were concerned verbal insults by a superior. A total of 274 conscripts, 42 percent of the total complaints, stated that they were insulted by their superior during their service. One hundred ninety-three conscripts, or 30 percent, complained that they were subjected to physical violence. One hundred eighty-three soldiers stated that they received disproportionate punishment during their time of conscription, while 158 soldiers complained that they were barred from receiving health care. Ninety-two soldiers said they were forced to perform extremely difficult physical activities, while 94 conscripts complained that they were threatened. Superior officers using soldiers to run errands and sleep deprivation were also among the complaints.

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