Montag, 3. Juni 2013

Indonesien: Diskussion um die Einführung einer allgemeinen Wehrpflicht

The Jarkata Post berichtet heute über die Debatte um die Wehrpflicht in Indonesien:

Rights groups are strongly opposed to the proposal for mandatory military service, saying that the plan would compromise the capability of the Indonesian Military (TNI) and that training from the program could easily be abused by subversive organizations.

The conscription proposal, included in the draft bill on an auxiliary reserve for national defense, provides a legal basis for the government to recruit and train civilians and mobilize them for combat purposes.

Article 8 (3) of the draft bill, for instance, stipulates that civil servants and laborers must join the auxiliary reserve (of the Army, the Navy or the Air Force) when they are qualified.

Al Araf of human rights group Imparsial, the Indonesian human rights monitor, said there is no urgency to introduce military service in the near future.


Die Diskussion zeigt, dass das Thema Wehrpflicht global betrachtet noch lange nicht vom Tisch ist. Gerade in Asien scheint es ein beliebtes Mittel der Diskriminierung von Männern zu sein.

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